Biomass Resources Incorporated (BRI) was established as a service provider for technology development and extension in the field of sugarcane and energy crop plantations for biomass supply chain development.  

We will be a provider of services in applied research, development, and extension to ultimately increase biomass productivity levels and improve farmers’ income that would result in sustainable biomass feedstock production for renewable energy.
Client Satisfaction

BRI specializes in the application of different farming technologies and systems suited to its clients’ needs. 
We have focused our resources at achieving this through the promotion of increased productivity of existing sugarcane fields through the utilization of appropriate farm cultivation practices, application of proper inputs and the introduction of the necessary allied technical services required.

Best Practice

Our program modules are made up of strategies aimed at farm rehabilitation, plantation development, biomass collection and logistics.  These strategies include a blend of the best in traditional farming methods and applicable advances in technology designed for suitability and backed by financial support.


We intend to implement the whole cycle of supply chain management  through Best Agricultural Practices strengthened by Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Management Infrastructure, Introduction of Modern Equipment and Farm Practices, Research and Development.  .  Through in-house capability,
co-operation with client teams and working with partners, BRI intends to ensure a year-round supply of feedstock for ethanolplants, biomass power plants and even other mills to provide for maximum efficiency of operation.

An integrated farming and production system will be provided to increase the productivity and the profitability of the farms while ensuring high quality feedstock to the plant.  Technology, supervised credit, and clear communication strategies form an integrated plan for the provision of biomass feedstock supply.


The competitive advantage of the organization are the links between the theoretical knowledge (from various experts) and the practical knowledge (from actual project implementation experience) that the company can organize and package for the use of its clients and other projects of Bronzeoak Philippines, its partners, or other proponents both in the Philippines and internationally.

BRI aims to become the leading provider of biomass supply chain knowledge and management systems for biomass-based industries in the Philippines and eventually internationally.